About us

Reference supplier in the development of critical systems for aerospace and railway industries.

Orbital Critical Systems

Our company provides its clients an exclusive, quality service for critical systems engineering in the areas of aircraft, aerospace and rail. Our engineers are experts in the implementation of processes and standards that guarantee the quality and reliability of the projects in which we work. Orbital Critical Systems has become a leader in critical systems engineering as well as in the full cycle of design, development, verification and validation of hardware, software and systems integration. Our own tools make us a competitive and productive enterprise highly demanded by the market, offering significant cost reductions on projects framed within specific quality standards. Our experience in the implementation and adaptation of the relevant standards and specific protocols for each sector (CENELEC 50126, 50128 and 50129, ARP4754, DO-178B / C, DO-254, DO-160, ECSS, …) makes our participation in projects a great asset.  If your organization faces the challenge of engineering highly-reliable systems and you want to have a high value-added partner to secure its success do not hesitate to contact us.


Gain reduced costs through our quality and productivity”.

We provide personalized attention and specific needs to each client.

Our multidisciplinary knowledge allows our products to be easily adapted to different industrial environments.

We optimize our client’s resources to provide customer self-sufficiency in each project delivery.

The most important asset of Orbital Critical Systems is our talented international team, who are motivated and involved with the company.

We believe in a continual training plan for the entire company team.