Specification, design, development, validation, verification, integration and certification of Software and Hardware in accordance with the highest standards.


Orbital Critical Systems counts on a team of engineers with extensive experience in the aeronautic sector which has enabled the company to establish itself as a worldwide benchmark supplier  participating in all phases of the avionics systems engineering life cycle: specification, design , development, validation, verification, integration and certification to the highest standards and protocols (DO-178B, DO-254, ABD-0100, ABD-200, ARO4754, etc).

In this field, the main capabilities are:

  • Development, integration and testing of Critical Software applied to the DO178B / C standard (up to DAL-A).
  • Experience in BSP development addressed at different RTOSs and architectures.
  • Expertise in integrated modular technology (IMA) and ARINC 653 applications.
  • Development and integration of user interfaces (HMI) and critical displays software based on ARINC 661.
  • Expertise of avionics systems: navigation, communication, identification and security. Mission systems, datalink and electronic warfare.
  • Design and deployment of test benches, ground support equipment (GSE) and simulation systems.

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