A400M  Support through the entire M-MMS Lifecycle
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A400M Support through the entire M-MMS Lifecycle

Orbital Critical Systems  is a main contributor to the A400M mission computer (M-MMS) supporting System Engineering activities through specification, integration and equipment-level testing of a wide set of functionalities, for several clients across different countries and facilities.
M-MMS is one of the most important, complex and largest projects Orbital Critical Systems  has ever been involved in, covering a wide range of subsystems such as Communication Management, MIDS Display, Cargo & Aerial Delivery, A429 Manager, MilBus1553 Manager, T-GCAS and the visual interface (HMI) Manager.
Our large contribution covers system-level requirement specification and testing, as well as system integration on several of the program’s test bench facilities. At the software level, Orbital Critical Systems  was involved in design, coding and test specification activities for al the aforementioned functionalities as well as complex simulation developments.