Casos de éxito

The commitment to innovation and quality has enabled Orbital Critical Systems to participate in international projects of great impact upon various sectors such as aeronautics, space and industrial. We have put to use our experience in all phases of the development life-cycle of various software and hardware systems, from the specification, design and implementation phase to assembly, integration and testing.

Orbital Critical Systems stands out for its participation in major European aviation programs such as A400M, MRTT and Eurofighter; where it has made the most of all its experience and knowledge to achieve success in each of these projects. Innovations built by Orbital Critical Systems have enabled us to be efficient and highly competitive in carrying out our business activities.

In the space sector, we have developed electronics and control software used by on-board equipment, highlighting the development of the spectrometers control subsystem (SEB) of the UVAS project (SEOSAT secondary load) or an infrared camera for the pathfinder EUSO-Balloon mission. It is quite remarkable how quickly the company has broken into such an exclusive space sector. In addition, Orbital Aerospace has developed projects with institutions as important as the European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT and research institutes such as the Astrophysics Institute of the Canaries (IAC).

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A400M Software Mission Management System
Orbital Critical Systems is a main contributor to the A400M mission computer, the main component of the Mission Management System (M-MMS). This complex airborne avionics system features an innovative IMA partitioning scheme based on ARINC-653. Our company was responsible for the development of several software partitions as required by a high-level specification baseline, providing all necessary […]
Airbus A330/A310 MRTT Boom Control Unit
Orbital Critical Systems contributes to the A330/A310 MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport) program as a contractor in charge of Validation and Verification tasks required by the DO-178B standard for the Boom Control Unit (BCU) and the Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS), the latter being a DAL-A certified safety critical subsystem. The main tasks of our team include […]
Orbital Critical Systems has been the industry partner for the design and execution of the infrared camera on the Balloon EUSO Mission. This project consists of a technological demonstrator for the main space mission, called EUSO, in order to experimentally validate the proposed design. An international consortium participated in the mission where Orbital Critical Systems was […]