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Orbital Critical Systems has been chosen to participate in a Spanish Consortium for the European Technological R & D program “CRYSTAL”. This is an initiative promoted by Artemis Joint Undertaking, a legal entity created by the European Commission in 2007 for the purpose of developing a common technological strategy in the field of embedded systems. This goal is to be achieved through the Industrial co-operation of the 22 member countries. CRYSTAL started on May the 1st 2013; it has a budget of 82 million Euros and has the participation of 71 partners from 10 member countries of the EU.

CRYSTAL stands for “Critical System Engineering Accelerationand has the ambitious goal of creating an Integrated Collaborative Framework for the entire life-cycle of Critical Systems Engineering. There is an enormous degree of complexity in the Design, Development and operation of modern Embedded Systems, which often requires a great deal of specific tools and activities for the duration of the life-cycle.

More often than not, partners and contractors are forced to use a variety of COTS tools combined with in-house customized solutions, leading to a great dispersion of technology that increases the overall difficulty of integrating systems. CRYSTAL will create a unique and open Framework that will allow the seamless integration of any engineering tool, minimizing the dependence on specific products and the risk associated with incompatibilities and delays. It will also help reduce the costs of the development and verification stages.

Orbital Aerospace will bring its wide experience to the Design, Development and Validation of Embedded Critical Systems for Space, being lead by Thales Alenia Space España (TASE), while having a close collaboration with the major International Stakeholders like IBM UK and renowned European Technological Centres such as Tecnalia. Orbital Aerospace will be in charge of implementing the AUGE tool, a software application for automatic generation of high level tests from software requirements. This ambitious project will result in huge time savings in the validation and verification of software modules.


Project ARTEMIS has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry,  Energy and Tourism and the European Commission and awarded the project  reference number ART-010000-2013-1