EDIFISE (Equalized and  Diffraction-limited Field Spectrograph Experiment)
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EDIFISE (Equalized and Diffraction-limited Field Spectrograph Experiment)

The IAC EDIFISE project pursues the implementation of a prototype instrument combining adaptive optics with bi-dimensional spectroscopy using attenuated optical fibres. The high-order unit HOMU, developed by Orbital Critical Systems, is responsible for correcting high-order atmospheric perturbations in the image received by the telescope. This is possible thanks to an FPGA-based system that performs real-time calculations on 486 images per second to command the 96 actuators responsible for deforming the mirror.
Main tasks developed:

  • Modular design of the calculation firmware
  • Complex mathematical operations such as centroid calculation
  • Matrix multiplications
  • Digital filtering.
  • Offset and bias corrections.
  • Implementation of Ethernet based communications
  • Design and implementation of tesbench
  • Development of GUI
  • System verification and validation


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