Only innovation can grow and overcome the obstacles of society. Under this axiom, Orbital Aerospace devotes about 20% of itself to Research, Development and Innovation.


R + D + I

Since its founding in 2008, Orbital Critical Systems  has made a firm commitment to innovation spending about 20% of its budget on RDI project activities related to: critical systems based on IMA technology (Integrated Modular Avionics), ARINC-661 applications, proprietary certifiable DO-254 hardware platforms, embedded systems in unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), distributed test bench optimization and advances in the implementation of extra capabilities in real-time operating systems (RTOSs).

The recognized experience of our research staff and the added value obtained through our efforts have opened doors for us to participate in major national and European projects. Orbital Critical Systems  is recognized by the association ANCES as an Innovative Technology-Based Firm (EIBT).


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