UVAS (Ultraviolet and Visible Atmospheric Sounder)
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UVAS (Ultraviolet and Visible Atmospheric Sounder)

Orbital Critical Systems’s contribution to the UVAS project, which is a secondary load of SEOSAT-INGENIO, involves the design, development and verification of the on-board Spectrometer Electronic Box (SEB) subsystem. This electronic system which is integrated into the optical subsystem of the instrument has been developed with the “IP core CCD Controller” offers the system great flexibility and adaptability to the demanding requirements of the project, in terms of the reading speed and noise levels of the signal.

Orbital Critical Systems  designed and developed the boards that are connected to the focal plane of 2 spectrometers; one of them in the UV range, and the other in the visible one. This close proximity electronics is embedded in the optical system and is not part of the SEB subsystem itself, but is connected to it.
The SEB consists of a Power Supply Unit (PSU) and a control unit that manages both the configuration of the CCDs and the communications with the control unit of the instrument (CDPU).

Following are the main tasks carried out during the project:

  • Hardware Design and Implementation.
  • Complete Electronics and Mechanical design.
  • Development of synthesizable FPGA firmware (rad-hard)
  • Onboard Software Development.
  • Electronic CCD.
  • Systems Engineering of the entire life-cycle.
  • Laboratory tests.
  • Hardware and Software Platform Integration.
  • Generation of all necessary documentation for the entire life-cycle.